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Live Sound

Recording & Mixing

"Band Craft" Gear Lessons

Live sound engineering and equipment hire - let us make the show go smoothly and sound fantastic. We can record the show as well!  Full bands to spoken word, we can help you out.

We can record your full band, musical event or spoken word on location or in a studio environment and mix it down to a studio quality finished product in any format - CD, MP3, Wav files etc.

Not sure what that knob really does or which mic to use, we can help with all aspects of using your gear from guitars, amps, mics, mixers, drum tuning, recording equipment and Digital Audio Workstation use etc. Sometimes a little extra knowledge is all you need to move your musical journey forward.

Live Sound

Soundsmiths can provide high quality sound reinforcement solutions for a wide variety of event types. Our system is scalable from a full PA system for an outdoor band gig, DJ dance parties, open mic nights, corporate event or just a single mic and speaker for wedding speeches etc. We can record your event at the same time for mixdown after if required. Click on the link for examples of what we can offer for your event.


Soundsmiths can record either your live shows while also running the PA system, at your rehearsal space or in our studio where multiple takes and overdubs are possible. With the advent of digital mixing desks that also work as audio interfaces it is possible to capture every instrument individually live from the stage with ease giving us the ability to capture the energy of the moment for use with video of the event or simply as a band demo or archive of the event for future reference. Whether the recording is done live or in a rehearsal room / studio once the files are created then the process of mixing begins, we love this side of it as it is here that the artistry can be brought to the fore. 

We have a large selection of professional grade live sound, recording equipment and band instruments available for use live and in the studio, for a complete run down on what we have check out the link below. Everything is well maintained and in great condition, no dodgy jack sockets or crackly leads!



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We are available to book your job in for anytime depending on existing bookings. Please call 07810 167661 between 9am - 5 pm for availability / pricing.



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