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The Studio

Our studio is situated between Warkworth and Matakana and is the ideal place to come to experience a real recording experience with modern pro equipment. Whether you are a singer songwriter or a full band we can capture your music and work with you to achieve a finished product that you are proud of and inspired by. This is a one room studio ideally suited to smaller acts however our 7 piece band records really well in here also so anything is possible. We can also bring our equipment to your location to record and then mix down in the studio afterwards.
Our passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer projects. 


$400 for 8 hrs, £220 for 4 hr or $60 per hour for under 4 hrs.

Studio rate includes use of all equipment and instruments 

and my skills as a recording engineer / mixer etc. I can help with songwritting / arranging if you don't have your songs fully formed beforehand. Additional musicians can be called in for an extra fee if required but I can play drums, guitar, bass and my wife is an excellent singer who can help with harmonies and keyboard / piano etc. 

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Studio Gear:

One of most things!

We have a full band set up in the studio comprising of full Drum Kit, Electric and Acoustic guitars, Bass guitars, Amps, Keyboard and all the mic's required to capture your performance. All of this runs into our studio interface and monitoring system that allows for everyone to have their own headphone mix while tracking the songs. We use a Macbook Pro M1 as the main studio computer running all the industry standard audio plugins.



How much can we get done?

How we make the most from your time in the studio and how much we can achieve in the time allowed is down to the type of project, the number of musicians, the set up required etc but more than anything else it is down to how prepared you are as an artist before the day. A well rehearsed set of material and a real idea of the sound that you hope to achieve is a great head start, if however you are using the studio to inspire your creativity then a far more flexible approach is required. Either is good, both are musical and both are lots of fun! 



The building blocks of your song.

We have all the instruments and computer based virtual instruments to work your ideas up into songs. We can help with harmonies, structure, instrumentation etc to get your track sounding and feeling great.

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