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I just need this one more bit of gear.....

About Soundsmiths
Pro Audio

Soundsmiths Pro Audio was born by Rob Nute and his ever growing amount of equipment bought mainly to further the band which he shares with his very understanding wife Wendy. Having an passion for good gear over many years, both as a guitarist and drummer, Robs interest and skills in recording and running PA systems seems to have outgrown the needs of just his own band and as such it is time to share the gear and the adventure of it all with the wider music community in a cost effective and accessible manner. 

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To provide Bands, Dj's, Solo musicians, Choirs, Event Organisers, Orchestral Ensembles, Brass Bands, Narrators, Storytellers, Comedians in fact anyone who makes any sort of sound whatsoever the chance to be heard at an appropriate volume and in high fidelity with reliable quality equipment at events.

The option to capture a great quality recording of the event for their own or commercial use.

To record artists in a studio environment at either our own property or any suitable location of their choosing with our equipment and make them comfortable to ensure the best performance.

To mix and master the artists recordings down to the desired format  leaving them with recordings that they are proud to call their own. 


To provide our services at fair prices with the intention to be a part of the vibrant and varied music scene in New Zealand. We would love to be a part of your audio journey, no matter where you are along the way we are sure that we can help you move forward to the next stage. 

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