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 "Bandcraft" Tech Lessons

Over the years I have been guilty of not really understanding how and why some things are done the way they are and likewise I can look back at times when I wasted time and money on gear that didn't really get me the result I wanted. Many of us get caught up in the marketing or the hype and buy things that maybe amazing pieces of equipment in the right circumstance but then feel underwhelmed by the tone or effect, often this is due to a lack of understanding of things like gain structure, tone controls, mic placement or a plethora of other things that no one has ever taught us about or simply that it was the wrong choice for you at that time. Likewise it can be a daunting task to try and piece together your first home recording setup and understand how to get it all working together and playing nice, I would love to help you along your journey with these things, I have a broad understanding and a desire to figure out problems as they arise. Whether it's how to get a great guitar tone from your amp or learning which leads you need to get your setup running at it's best I can help you.

I can come to you or you can come to the studio and run through the subjects that interest you.

I charge $40 per hour for lessons / tech advice and can come to you or you are welcome here to run through things on my equipment to learn how to implement it into your own set ups. 
Computer Based Recording

My journey learning how to record and use computer based audio equipment came about after years of playing in bands and always being the guy who knew how the PA worked even though I've never sang through it! I always loved the gear side of it so that has naturally evolved into doing live sound and studio recording more and more so I feel that sharing what I have learnt over the years to those who are at the earlier stages of their musical journey is something I would love to do more of. I can offer one to one lessons on how to get yourself set up and using a laptop based recording system for very little outlay.

Bandcraft Lessons

What skills do you need to be a modern musician? It's not just about how good you are at playing your own instrument, there are many other skills required that we learn as we grow in experience but the more you learn early on the more you will get out of each and every thing you do. Having a broad knowledge of how all the equipment works and how the process of setting up a gig goes can make you much more confident at your own events or when participating at others. We can work on whatever area you find interesting or find hard to comprehend, even the simplest things sometimes need to be revisited for the rest to make sense so there are no silly questions, they are all equally valid. 

Full Band Tutoring

Does your band, group, duo need a bit of direction on how to improve your overall sound or performance? Let us give you some fair and honest advice about how you could improve your sound, feel or approach. 

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